3 Smart Ways to Think Outside the Box as an Influencer

Posted by The ShopandShout Team on Sep 29, 2018 9:53:41 AM
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We’ve likely all been here before, scouring the internet at 2am looking up how to be a social media  influencer, how to get more followers, how to be a successful influencer - the list could go on and on, you feel me?

What we all haven’t accepted or recognized is there is no certified rule book on any of this. Social media, or Instagram in particular is a platform of self expression.  

1. You create the rules, you break the rules.

Thinking outside the box, means breaking a linear thought pattern. Doing something different that is remarkable, stirs conversation and in social media terms - creates a ripple effect of individuals sharing your content. This is where you can get creative with your content and copy and really dial into the message you are sharing with your followers. Remember it’s social media, it’s a form of expression - so get creative with it. It’s exhausting to pretend to be something you’re not. Celebrate your voice, your individuality and do your best to be an authentic social media influencer.

2. Dial in on your approach 

This is vital to your success and is often times overlooked when it comes to becoming a successful influencer. Picking an approach, and the channels you will leverage, is extremely important. To figure out where to post your content ask yourself this: where does my audience spend their time? Is it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin? Take the time to understand who your audience is, where they spend their time, and what they’re interested in. Remember - being an influencer isn’t only about pretty pictures and poses in a nice outfit. Being an exceptional influencers means you are the go-to person on a topic and have your audience's trust.

3. Embrace the concept of micro-influence.

Sometimes we get caught up in the cycle of needing to have the most followers and we overlook the impact or influence we have within our already existing community. A small amount of followers can be very powerful - and it’s proven to be more powerful in terms of engagement. Remember it’s not always about the number of followers you have, it’s about engagement, how genuinely engaged are they with your content and message. Influence in itself has very little with being seen, and is all about seeing others in your community. As humans we crave connection, we desire community and we all want to be seen. Do this, engage with your followers, love them back, and spend some time nurturing those relationships. Developing these relationships in the long run will lead to your greatest success.

In terms of thinking outside the box as an influencer it’s important to recognize what avenues are important to you. Once you’ve established your why - show up. No great influencer, current or historic got to where they are overnight. Your followers want to see that you’re in it for the long haul, that you’re creative and will dare to break and create your own rules. Influence isn’t earned overnight, it’s rewarded after the work has been put in.

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