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Posted by The ShopandShout Team on Oct 17, 2018 7:53:00 PM
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There’s no question that putting in the time and effort to become an established Influencer takes incredible dedication and commitment. While it may seem that every girl on Instagram these days is gunning to be the online face of their favorite brands, only a few entrepreneurial spirits in the social pond truly have what it takes to become a celebrity influencer.

If you are one of the many personalities gunning for widespread recognition and clout, you need to stay motivated, consistent, and be prepared to do what it takes to launch your Influencer career. Check out our article what does it take to become a social media influencer to learn more. Check out the five points below to kick-start your motivation and get you on the right track to learn how to become a social media influencer.


As the landscape for influencer marketing  constantly evolves, so should you and your content. While it is typically highly recommended to pick a niche or interest to specialize in,  your authentic growth as an influencer over time will help you evolve. With that, more opportunities will arise organically.

For example, if you launch your Influencer career focused on fitness, starting off knowing nothing about weight training or exercise, you could log your growth and experiences in detail. If you stayed dedicated, consistent, and disciplined in your activities and diet, you would eventually begin to see drastic changes in your physique.

Months later, if your body takes a total #transformation you could gain incredible traction on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. From there, with no professional experience, people might want to learn more about how to stay on track with their diet, or what motivates you to train consistently. From this, your content begins to gain value within your niche, and the possibilities become endless.


Continuing on the example above, now you’re becoming a trusted voice, and you are learning more specifically what your active followers want to see more of: your meal-prep strategy perhaps, or your favorite quick at-home workouts for busy people with no gym. This gives you a platform to learn, expand, and introduce new subject matter into your content. The more variety of useful content you can provide to your followers, the more you can grow your social media influencer network.

Perhaps something that is key in your meal plan is a particular protein shake, and by this point you have an all-time favorite brand and flavor. Posting about that particular product could land you a paid sponsorship, and allow you to work with brands on Instagram. Even apparel brands may want to sponsor you and PAY YOU to promote their products. Working with multiple sponsorships could provide an opportunity to leave your other job-commitments and take on influencer marketing full time.

These experiences can be maximized, especially if you gain a love for fitness and are now posting paid content. You could free up enough time to become a Certified Personal Trainer, for example, take on your own clients, and live life on your terms doing what you love.

Free Swag

This one is pretty obvious, right?

Some of you might be wondering why getting free stuff (or being paid to advertise products) isn’t the number one perk? The answer is very simple: if the biggest reason you have for wanting to become an Influencer is ‘to get free stuff’, you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. In most cases, brands can recognize a ‘freebie hunter’.  More importantly, brands are becoming more and more interested in an Influencer’s overall goals, the authenticity of their following (don’t buy followers!) and the value of the content being published. Brands who are investing in Influencer Marketing that send you products expect better content than poorly lit and unfocused product images against a plain background. Be weary of this… Failing to conceptualize a brand’s voice and overall aesthetic in a sponsored post can hurt you more than it can help you!

 Pro Tip: Use discretion with the brands you are attempting to contact for collaborations and vice-versa. It is a smarter long-term move to turn down a free product if it doesn’t align with your personal values/aesthetic/brand than trying to force content in that can hurt your engagement. When you go big as an Influencer, what your followers want to see should hold a lot of weight in determining the subject matter of your content.

Inspire and Help Others

This one is huge, and should probably be perk number one. If this is one of the main reasons you want to be a social media influencer, you are doing it for some of the right reasons. Even if you don’t make it to one million followers and reach movie star celebrity status, you can still gain a large following and make it to influencer celebrity status. People look to influencers for inspiration, advice, or to help guide their sense of fashion. The list goes on. It is incredibly important to be aware of this, and have a solid understanding of the things you could say or do that may cause the loyalty of your followers to diminish.

 On the flip side, having this kind of weight placed on your opinion and thoughts could allow you to leverage your success and make measurable and real change far beyond the social realm.

Leverage Your Success to Make a Difference

Do you want to help save the planet? Gaining success as an Influencer gives you a voice and a platform to call your followers to action and reach a greater goal. Perhaps you can get your 133k followers to rally together and join in on a local tree-planting initiative, or boycott a brand that is using unethical practices. Maybe you have knowledge on how people can make small changes and create less waste, or you want to use your clout to leverage a political movement that you think will have a positive impact on your community.

With great power comes great responsibility, but if used in the right way you can have a very positive impact on the world.


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