How Does One Become a Social Media Influencer?

Posted by The ShopandShout Team on Oct 11, 2018 12:29:36 PM
The ShopandShout Team


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Dear Influencer,

The competition is hot right now for influencer marketing. It’s a booming industry as nearly 70% of brands are using influencer marketing as a part of their marketing strategy for 2018 + 2019.

Why has this industry exploded? Well more and more consumers are seeking out reviews from trusted voices when making a purchase decision. This creates a huge opportunity for influencers and brands to team up together not only to promote products but to create powerful stories that create an authentic connection between audiences.  

There are four key steps you can take to differentiate yourself as a key player in this industry:

Optimize your profile to increase your visibility.

This means being strategic with your profile and with what you are communicating, not only to your audience but also to potential brands you can collaborate with.  Your bio in your profile is like a business card, you can add in important information that brands will find useful. For example: include your interests, location + countries you’re active in, and any additional profiles or websites you’re active on.

Bonus tip: Upgrade you Instagram Profile to Business to increase your chances of being discovered!

Amplify yourself and your content.

Don’t be afraid of a little self promotion!  To reach new audiences, it’s important to post often and regularly. Keep to the message you want to share, and do it consistently, not only will this help distinguish yourself in a niche market but it will also expose you to more people! This is a great way to help brands identify you as an influencer on Instagram and position you to work with brands on Instagram, for example.

Bonus tip: Take advantage of the newest features on Instagram, for example think creatively about how you can begin to incorporate IGTV into your content strategy.


Seriously, we can’t stress this point enough! Having an authentic, loyal following is key to your success as a Social Media Influencer. Your audience is GOLD, it is the most valuable asset to brands, and so your focus should be to build a community you and your collaborators can count on. Your power as an influencer is only as good as the community that supports you.

We all know that buying likes and followers is tempting, however this is one of the most inauthentic tactics you can use. In the short-term it can seem great, however businesses are now quick to catch on to those who have bought a community. Keep it real, have real conversations, it’s a slow game, but it’s worth it - especially when you can deliver big results to your clients.

Bonus tip: If you can’t rely on your community, why would a brand want to work with you? Brands are seeking influencers they can work with because they have a strong engaged community who is likely to purchase their product. There are some great brand influencer programs out there, but stay authentic!  

Create A Plan, Develop Content, and Have a Strategy

Before you go wild on Instagram and start posting every other photo of you and your cat, think about what you want your Instagram to look like two or three months from now. Even if you don’t have all the content, sit down and create a plan - this will help you develop the content you want to see! Once your plan has been set in action, develop that content. Keeping the aesthetic consistent and your message the same will help to distinguish your voice in a very competitive space!

 Bonus Tip: Always answer this question before you post: Why will people be eager to follow you? What you post and talk about must provide value!

Hey, influencer!

I  know this might sound like a lot of work, and it is, but the reward you will receive from having a strong real engaged community will be worth it in the long run! Influencer marketing for brands is becoming a relevant marketing tactic today, as consumers are seeking trusted voices in a market oversaturated with choice. Brands have recognized this development as a key to their marketing plan, and are ready to pair up with influencers who can help them create authentic content and connections in a particular community.  

Check out our blog and learn more about influencer marketing and what it takes to be a successful social media influencer.


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About Shop And Shout: Shop And Shout is a company based in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2016, it enables seamless, honest, scalable and creative collaboration between social media influencers and conscious brands through a marketplace of curated products and services in beauty, fashion, wellness, tech, food, music, and more.


Vinod Varma

Co-Founder and CEO

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