How to Develop a Loyal Following as a Social Media Influencer

Posted by The ShopandShout Team on Sep 7, 2018 4:29:26 PM
The ShopandShout Team


As social media influencers we all want a loyal base of followers especially since it is key to your online authority. A loyal following not only brings more traffic and attention to your business, projects etc but also is essential to your growth. If your audience is happy with you, they will be more likely to spread you and your messages within their own network. Hello word-of-mouth marketing!

Be clear about what you stand for

This is essential to building your personal following or brand influencer program. Know your WHY. Not only will this guide you to crafting copy, content, voice and aesthetic but this is how individuals will connect with you or your brand. When a person feels a deep emotional connection with you why, over values or causes you care about, they will more likely become a loyal follower. Leading with values is no easy task, it requires you to stop and think about the values you can stand on, speak about and share. If you can do this with integrity and commitment, you will be rewarded by your audience with their loyalty.

Create meaningful content

Don’t just snap a photo of your mothers lasagna and throw it up on Instagram - unless you’re a foodie. Be mindful about the content you post, does it align with your why, your values and causes? Does the content bring value to your followers? Always think about the purpose behind your post and ensure that what you’re posting is aligned with who you are, your brand and your why. Not sure how to edit - check out how to get a fire Instagram feed using these top photo editing apps.

Give back to your audience 

A great way to grow and maintain your loyalty is to give back such as through an influencer fundraising program. This shows your appreciation and also incentivizes your following to keep advocating for you or your brand.  Becoming a true social media influencer isn’t just about getting more followers, giving back is a great way to keep your community engaged and excited too.

Be consistent - voice / aesthetic / tone 

Consistency is key! To grow a following, to build a brand and to have loyal followers you must be consistent in several areas. First make sure you are posting consistently, build yourself a schedule and stick with it. General rule is to post 5-7 times per week - we think it’s best to do it every day! Secondly you want to ensure you are speaking with a consistent tone and voice to your audience. Depending on the relationship you have with your followers adjust the voice and tone to match. Lastly, take time to curate your feed so your images have a consistent look and feel. This can be done by using the same filters and editing tools to create that look and planning out your images ahead of time to see your overall feed.

Connect with your audience

Influencer marketing is all about connection. People love to share stories, view and information about things they are passionate about with others who feel the same way. It’s a form of validation. Take time to truly connect with your audience, if possible take it offline! Host an event, organize a talk, get creative and give your followers a chance to meet the leaders of their community.

Remember, building a loyal following doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of hard work, engaging with your audience and slowly building a community to see you as the go-to brand or go-to leader in your industry. The benefits of building a loyal following is worth the wait, and something you can’t put a price on.



Vinod Varma

Co-Founder and CEO

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