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Posted by The ShopandShout Team on Aug 31, 2018 9:00:00 AM
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Gaining a following on Instagram requires striking a delicate balance between content and aesthetic. With Instagram being a highly-visual application, it’s imperative that the overall aesthetic of your feed draws potential followers in and encourages them to take a deeper look, while at the same time representing your personal brand.

The below apps are highly-revered by Instagram influencer superstars. Below is a list of our top picks to get your feed noticed, help grow your social following, and maybe even give you an opportunity to work with brands on Instagram. At least one of these should be a staple in your toolkit.


VSCO is an incredibly popular all-in-one photography and photo editing app with plenty of features to fine-tune your photos to look exactly how you want. You can take photos within the app using your front or rear camera, and the camera settings within can be adjusted to capture the perfect shot.


Canva is a do it all for you design program where you can create stunning digital media from a template or from scratch. You can also add beautiful text, cool illustrations, and work within pre-set dimensions that will phase over perfectly according to which app you are using. This means that whether you are creating a story for Instagram, an email header an Instagram post for your feed or a flyer, you have plenty of options to choose from and easy to adjust-templates. As far as photo editing, Canva’s capabilities are not the strongest on this list, but it has plenty of options for additional elements


If you want to dive into designing and painting images as well as edit photos, this is an app that encompasses everything you need to easily add effects to your photos.  This includes cloning components of your original shot, distortion, colour correction and importing large files directly into the app for you to play with.

Adobe Lightroom

Any programs Adobe puts out tend to have a reputation for being incredibly high performing, from Photoshop to InDesign, and Lightroom is no exception. This free app is powerful and widely considered one of the best editing programs ever created. You can record videos/take photos within the app, and have access to professional grade photo editing tools on an easy to use platform. Adobe Lightroom is highly recommended to those who truly want to take their Instagram visuals to the next level.


Afterlight is coined by its in-app purchase features that have the capability to edit your visuals in  away that truly sets them apart, such as different textures, lighting, and filters that are super simple to apply and elevate the way your photos look. Fotofire notes that “each cent you invest in the Afterlight app is a cent well spent since it will enable you to create images that will impress your Instagram followers”, which sounds great to us!


For all those beauty/makeup gurus, FaceTune is an incredibly popular application to smooth out all those imperfections and in some cases make more ‘detailed’ adjustments to the visuals within your images. Selfies and Portraits can be adjusted to help put your best face forward. Within FaceTune, you can pinpoint each detail within your photo and adjust it as necessary. You can even make adjustments to your actual facial features to improve symmetry, remove imperfections, and add makeup within the editor. This can be a slippery slope, but for those who seek the power to do more than just add a feature to photos that are less than 100% flattering, FaceTune can do just that.


If you are looking to do all of the above mentioned editing steps to your photos and then some, Snapseed is the right app to leverage your photos for your Instagram feed. In this app, you can enhance colors, change your personal appearance, and even remove unwanted objects (or people) from photos. The best part of Snapseed is the usability behind it’s incredibly powerful features. You don’t have to be a photo-editor to be able to use the editing options within Snapseed, which makes it another awesome free app for any aspiring influencer in today’s Social Media sphere.

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